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5 Ways To A Healthier Garden

There are many ways to complete this goal. Some of which may be a daunting task. Here are we provide easy solutions for a healthy garden. Using these Top 5 methods, and some of our help, you are sure to succeed.


Top 5 Ways To Grow A Healthy Garden:

  1. Help your roots develop faster using our Mycorhizzae. This enhances and promotes root development to ensure a proper start to your plants life cycle.
  2. Use a compost or  potting mix that is packed full of organic material and nutrients. This organic matter allows for root growth and at the same time offering essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients to your plant.
  3. Apply to the right fertilizers at the right time. Split your plants growth cycle into 2 categories, Growth and Flowering. Understanding that your plants need different nutrients at  it’s Growth cycle then compared to Flowering is a key tool to maximize growth.
  4. Not all bugs are bad. In order to attract beneficial insects you first need to stop using any chemical pesticides. There are 2 easy ways to promote “good insects”. Use organic fertilizer and use worm castings. Both allow for healthy insect development in your garden.
  5. Farmers rotate crops and you should rotate the plants in your garden as well. Plant rotation is good for the soil. Planting the same plant year after year in the same spot depletes the soil of specific nutrients.


Following these simple steps will ensure a healthy garden and a bountiful harvest. Feel free to browse our selection of nutrients for all variety’s of plants, trees, shrubs and vegetables.

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Here is a great example of healthy roots vs. unhealthy roots


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One thought on “5 Ways To A Healthier Garden

  1. I think these are all great ideas to employ when growing a healthy garden. I especially like how it suggest using compost and fertilizers at the right time in order to maximize their efficiency. Utilizing the right growing products specific to the plants you are trying to grow will help your garden grow well. I’d be interested in learning what type of growing products would work best based on your climate, growing cycle, etc.

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