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Is There an Urban Business Model Amid Concerns over Food Security?

Touch the Soil News #1888 (Feature Photo – Picking Apples – CCA SA 4.0 International, Marc-Lautenbacher)

News portal Japan Times brings the story of increasing concern over the nation’s agricultural productivity, which has been falling over the past few decades. Like the story we posted about the City of Dallas (metro population of 7.7 million) taking urban food seriously, so now is the mega-city of Tokyo (metro population of 14 million).

How does an urban grower leverage the growing psychology of people wanting food security? Interestingly, a large number of non-profit enterprises are entering the urban farming space. That’s fine, if the non-profits can pay a living wage. If the goal of the urban profit or non-profit farm is to make a respectable living, then the challenge of new growers is to create a working business model to meet the growing demand for productivity closer to home. You can read the full story here:

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