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A Family Car with Solar Panels – Leave it to Young People

Positive Future #53 (Feature photo – the Lightyear Team – photo courtesy of Lightyear)

A Dutch start-up called Lightyear is working to launch a fully electric car. Called the Lightyear One, the car can recharge itself using embedded solar cells and the sun. The company expects to deliver its first 10 cars in 2019. The next 100 cars are expected in 2020. The starting price is around $125,000 USD.

According to the company, the car has optimized aerodynamics, weight-saving features and, depending upon battery configuration – up to almost 500 miles of range. The Lightyear One can be charged by 1) Sunlight  2) Standard household socket  3) Standard EV charging point   4) An EV fast charger

Lightyear One recently won the coveted “Climate Change Award” at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). You can learn more about the company at the following link:

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