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Affordability – The Force Behind Social Change

Positive Future #379 (Feature photo – Poor Workers – Public Domain)

The affordability of the basics – food, housing and transportation – is what much of the social unrest is about in the world. Often it comes down to demands for higher wages and the ravages of underemployment. At the national minimum wage of $7.25 per hour, the complete monthly paycheck is often not enough to even pay for a 2 bedroom apartment in large metropolitan areas.

Making news, the small nation of Luxembourg in Europe (population 600,000) announced that it was moving towards free transportation within its borders on public trains, trams and buses. According to the small nation, the primary reason is to stop the deepening gap between the rich and poor first and then the reasons of congestion and the environment. For low-wage workers, the cost of transportation matters. Free transportation can make it easier to fund the other basic necessities of life.

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