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Ag Innovations to Save the World?

Touch the Soil News #522

Inhabitat recently came forth with 7 agricultural innovations that could save the world. While that might be a rather large claim, seeing what they came up with is interesting:

1. Algorithmic Agriculture. Uses algorithms to determine complex planting patterns using diverse crops that improve ecological resilience.

2. Food Forests. Community groups organizing around permaculture principles to create neighborhood food forests for everyone to eat from and work in.

3. Ring Garden. A gigantic garden ring that is solar powered, desalinates water and moves trays of food in a circle for exposure to light and watering at the bottom.

4. Rainwater Harvesting. Mostly from capturing rainwater runoff from roofs for agricultural purposes – particularly urban farming.

5. The Power of Fungi: Fungus life forms go beyond just mushrooms. Soil fungi serve to remove harmful bacteria from animal wastes, keep soils healthy, help plants endure drought and even as a pesticide without the use of chemicals.

6. Gardening with Children. Introducing children to growing food not only develops an appreciation for healthy vegetables, but an instinct to preserve the planet.

7. Rooftop Gardening: Brings food close to its consumption and utilizes large areas of unused space in cities. Helps cities increase biodiversity and reduce heat footprint.

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