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Ag-Tech Innovations

Touch the Soil News #668 (Feature photo – food waste CCA SA 4.0)

Technology is fast moving into the realms of food and agriculture. There are a host of new companies emerging. Following are a few examples:




The company invented a chip that measures, stores and indexes every scent and taste of the human genome. Information from the chip can be uploaded into a computer. The information is then used by food manufacturers to create new tastes or re-construct tastes using other foods.

Founders of the company explain it this way: ‘So one use might be that the fizzy drink you really love is quite bad for you. You can use this technology to reformulate the fizzy drink using kale and pine nuts and Chamomile, things that are good for you. They will still hit that same exact flavor profile because remember the flavor is how your receptors respond to the fizzy drink. If we can get the same experience using Chamomile and kale, you get the same flavor but it doesn’t give you diabetes.” (See video below)


Trace Genomics

The company tests soil samples to provide a comprehensive microbial evaluation designed to help farmers with soil health and disease management. The company provides three tests that focus on disease discovery, pathogens in the soil and soil health. (See video below)

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