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An International Story – Water Gives Land its Value

Touch the Soil News #1797 (Feature Photo  Worrall Creek Aggregation – Courtesy of JLL Agribusiness)

Queensland Country Life news, brings us the unusual story of the coming sale of a one of Australia’s largest farms – 66,000 acres. Called the Worral Creek Aggregation, the farm is in Australia, where few farms have adequate water. This farm, however, has access and water rights to 17.5 billion gallons of water. That equates to roughly three acre-feet of water for the roughly 18,000 irrigated acres.

Speculation is that the farm will sell for $400 million. That would be more than $6,000 per acre. You can view the listing here:

Without the water, the land would be worth just a fraction. This is a must-read story to understand the growing importance of water in terms of its contribution to the value of land.

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