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Are Car Emissions Standards Too Strict?

Positive Future #129 (Feature photo – Vehicle Emissions Overdone– CCA SA 3.0 Unported)

Let’s face it; the largest activity on earth’s land masses is agriculture. Agricultural activities are the most impacted by the quality of the atmosphere that delivers water, heat and cooling. So when it comes to emissions standards, we cannot take food and the environment out of the equation – even if there is a short-term benefit to major automakers. In addition, it will be high-tech that solves emissions issues.

Former senior energy congressional staffer and now law professor – Greg Dotson – puts another spin on the emissions debate. In short, rolling back emissions standards in the U.S., while China is ratcheting up emissions standards in a much larger car market can be troublesome. As the world moves to ever greater needs as relates to atmospheric health, the nation that tries to go backwards risks technological obsolescence. The risks are that stalling on emissions standards in the U.S. could give China the upper hand technologically and thereby economically.

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