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Are Diesels Offsetting the Effects of Good Food?

Positive Future #355 (Feature photo – Diesel Exhaust – EPA)

The answer to the direct pollution of food crops from diesel emission is not really known. However, the European Public Health alliance just issued a new report on the health cost of road transport emissions. Estimates are the health costs of transportation emissions in the European Union are $80 billion a year. 75 percent of those costs and damages are caused by diesel emissions. That equates to $155 dollars a person for each of the 512 million people in Europe.

While it is great to eat good food, good food cannot ameliorate the impact on humans from diesel emissions. Ironically, much of the diesel emissions in the U.S. come from the transportation of food from farm fields to cities.

CleanTechnica journalist Jake Richardson provides more insights into this European study:

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