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Are New Public Power Chargers A Transitory Technology?

Positive Future #444 (Feature photo – Tesla Power Chargers – CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain)

We are seeing more and more public charging stations for electric cars. In fact, billions of dollars are being invested in public charging stations. Yet, 78 percent of commutes are less than 40 miles. While public charging stations are needed today, home charging infrastructure is the most important.

But how long will public charging stations remain relevant? InsideEVs journalist Eric Loveday reports that Tesla is working on a car that will exceed 620 miles of range. In addition, a German automaker – Sono Motors – is working on solar panel technology on cars. Sparking the race for long range, could pit automakers to create 1,000 mile cars or more. With those kind of ranges, the number and location of chargers needed becomes a moving target for less and less. You can read the full story here:

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