Will the Perma Cube Change the World?

Touch the Soil News #769 (Feature photo courtesy of Perma Cube)

Estimates are that 90 percent of Americans used to grow food. Now that number has dropped to 10 percent. America has transitioned from an agrarian society to an industrial one. Enter the Perma Cube.

Designers of the Perma Cube bring lots of stuff to the project to include:

  1. Each Perma Cube contains enough room for 72 square feet of growing space.
  2. A chicken tractor holds up to 10 chickens.
  3. The aquaponics system can hold 50 to 70 fish.
  4. A filtration system and atmospheric water generator ensure you have clean water available.
  5. Together, the vegetables, fish, chickens and eggs provide between $1,200 and $1,400 of 100 percent organic, GMO-free food each month.
  6. Vegetable production can be done solely on hydroponics or aquaponics if you want fish.
  7. There is a composter that harvests waste using soldier fly larvae.
  8. There is a roof water catchment system.


One must ask, are food entrepreneurs working to decentralize food where a family produces its own food much like a decentralized energy world in which homes are no longer on the grid? The following video on the Perma Cube is quite interesting.

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