Armed Conflict – Food is the First Thing That Collapses

Positive Future #314 (Feature photo – Food – courtesy of the U.S. Agricultural Research Service)

The World Food Programme is the primary “point” organization that brings food to places of famine and hunger.

At the bottom of the World Food Programme’s main page is a map that indicates places of extreme emergencies – marked with a red pointer. The driving common denominator for nations having a red pointer is mostly armed conflict – armed conflict that respects no person or economic safety nets.

Essentially the story is the same – the warring factions of the countries with the red pointer (regardless of which side they are on) are essentially unleashing national suicide as an acceptable cost of holding the reins of power.

The worst nations to live and eat in include: Bangladesh, Democratic Republic of the Congo, North East Nigeria, South Sudan, Syria and Yemen. What is obvious about the powers in these nations is that the use of armed aggression – as a way to bring prosperity and freedom – is a total failure. Their actions often hinder the World Food Programme’s efforts at feeding the people that the warring factions want to win over.

The nations employing internal armed conflict are demonstrating to the rest of the world to take a different path to achieving social, political and food security.

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