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Beijing – Will It Solve Human Dilemmas?

Positive Future #49 (Feature photo – Traffic Congestion in Beijing – GNU Free Doc License)

Beijing, a metro powerhouse of over 25 million people just announced that it was limiting new car registrations for 2018 to only 100,000 vehicles. Sixty percent of the new car registrations must be for new energy vehicles – i.e plug-in electric cars.

By 2020, Beijing hopes to limit the total number of cars in the city to 6.3 million units. Aiding this effort will be heavy investments in public transportation and encouraging zero or low emissions vehicles.

No other nation in the world is facing such tremendous challenges from population size, deteriorating ecology and over-congestion.

Is China turning into a huge human experiment that must solve the human propensity for excesses? Fortunately for other nations – while they may experience varying levels of the same problems – they can sit back a watch what happens.

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