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Beverage Spending

Touch the Soil News #801 (Feature photo – Ralf Roletschek, Wikimedia)

One of the World’s top research companies – Technomic – recently released information on the spending by Americans on beverages when they eat out. The number is $181 billion or roughly 20 percent of the dollars spent when eating out.

The beverages include soft drinks, teas, coffees, juices, energy drinks and enhanced waters. In 2016, Americans purchased and consumed 113 billion beverage servings – that’s an average of 349 beverages per person a year – almost one a day. Considering that some of the population consumes less, there are many that may consume several “eating out” beverages a day.

Estimates are that the nation now spends almost $1.5 trillion a year on food at home and eating out. The $181 billion beverage price tag represents about 12 percent of the nation’s food spending which doesn’t include beverages consumed at home or alcoholic beverages.

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