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Brexit, Food and 1 Million People Marching in London

Positive Future #422 (Feature photo – Great Britain (orange) and the larger European Union (blue) – CCA SA 4.0 International)

Great Britain is in the throes of uncertainty. In 2016, they voted to leave the European Union with a nominal majority of 51.7 percent. Problem is that they have been in the European Union for 46 years and the trade relationships, labor exchanges and reciprocating travel agreements with the European Union are about to vaporize and they have been unable to put together an alternate plan that everyone can agree upon.

Great Britain must import about 25 percent of their food from the European Union and most of their farm labor comes from special visas through the European Union. Now that the deadline for leaving the European Union is upon them, and folks have had two years to think about it, the country is in political turmoil. An upshot of that turmoil is that over 1 million people marched in London recently to demand a re-vote. Complicating matters is that no deal has been reached between Great Britain and the European Union regarding trade issues including that of food.

The message in all of this is that access to food can be upset by political turmoil even for the most advanced nations.

With only days left to find a workable direction, the situation is tense for the roughly 62 million people that live there. You can read more here:

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