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Bringing in the Nector Lovers

Pollination Season is coming to the garden shortly (yes, yes, I am a little behind). So it got me thinking, what do you do to help with the pollination season? Do you let nature takes it course or self pollinate. I personally let nature take its course.


But I do help it out a little by planting flowers. I plant about 2 flats of flowers through out my garden. Bringing in the nector lovers will help increase the yield and add pops of color!!


Of course there are variety of flowers that these Nector Lovers Love:

Some of my flowers I plant are:

Sweet Alyssum (My Personnel Favorite)

Sunflowers (I grow outside my garden but still close)

Lions Tail

Gloriosa Day


Marigolds (bonus benefit of natural pest control)


Plant those flowers and help the Nector Lovers help your Garden!!

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