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Building Urban Farming Consciousness

Positive Future #885 (Feature photo – Farm Raiser Produce  – Courtesy of Farm Raiser)

We recently were doing research relative to the world’s farms and farmlands. The number of acres being farmed in the world total 12.6 billion acres. The FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) estimates that human-induced soil degradation, affects 34 percent of all farmed acres. That equates to 4.3 billion acres and would represent a farm that is 100 miles wide and 67,000 miles long.

What’s going on outside of cities and urban areas relative to farming, is raising our consciousness about the growing importance of food grown in or adjacent to the world’s cities.

Recently, ABC News of Australia, brought us another compelling story about urban farming. Stories like this are springing up around the world and help urban farmers with their visions and practical applications:

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