Buyer Protection


Get your order, Exactly How You Wanted – Guaranteed by Kelp4less

Our Philosophy:

At, we believe in providing fair pricing and unparalleled product selection along with a firm commitment to on-time order fulfillment and processing.

We empower our customers to make the best buying decisions by offering detailed product information, peer reviews, expert opinions, “how-to’s” and an opportunity to network along with other members of the community.


Customer Satisfaction:

Customer satisfaction is among Kelp4less’ top priorities, which we achieve by combining superior service with a philosophy that puts the customer first.

Our high quality, out performing products and staff knowledge, create satisfied long term customer relationships, which increases our work load year after year. This increases the possibility for mistakes to arise.

Mistakes will happen, it is inevitable, however in the unlikely event of a mistake, rest assured that each and every order will come with our Kelp4less IRON LEAF 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

We will replace any missing, damaged or mis-packaged items, no questions asked. Simply contact us by email or phone and we will resolve any situation.  Always happy customers, that’s the Kelp4less Guarantee.