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Can Poor Nations – Leapfrog over First-World Nations?

Positive Future #57 (Feature photo – Flag of Alexandria – CCA SA 3.0 Unported)

Egypt, a poor nation of almost 100 million people, is looking to the future with the same anxiety as most people in first-world nations.

Oddly, as the bus system of the U.S. capital is touting new diesel electric buses, Alexandria, Egypt is celebrating its first fully electric buses and new charging points. Chinese bus manufacturing company BYD is delivering 15 (K9 12-meter) all electric buses to Alexandria and installing 18 charging points. These are some of the same buses that made global news recently when the city of Shenzhen announced it now had over 16,000 electric buses from BYD. Ironically, BYD owns and operates a new electric bus manufacturing facility in California.

The city of Alexandria was founded in 331 BC (2350 years ago). The city is located along the Mediterranean Sea, an ideal place for solar development and water desalination.

Fortunately for Americans, the U.S. also has its own home-grown electric bus company called Proterra. Proterra is making inroads into American cities, but on a smaller scale.

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