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Catching Up On the Hemp Story

Touch the Soil News #1098 (Feature photo – Hemp Seed – CCA SA 3.0 Austria D-Kuru)

While Hemp has been associated with psycho-active drugs, studies reveal the level of psycho-active ingredient in industrial hemp is too small for psycho effect. This is important, particularly in light of hemp’s other benefits. Benefits of hemp include medicinal purposes, high in food nutrition, ideal for making textiles (cloth), building materials, hemp paper, for ropes (cordage), water and soil purification, weed control and animal bedding.

The world’s largest producer of hemp is France, which has historically produced 70 percent of the world output. Ironically, the U.S. relied on hemp to assure American naval power in 1797. The rigging of the U.S. Constitution, (commissioned in 1797) contains over 120,000 pounds of hemp used to create the sails. Hemp was one of the more important colonial crops in the founding of America. Hemp fiber was so important to the young Republic, that farmers were compelled (by patriotic duty) to grow it.

The following video clip helps fill in some of the gaps about hemp and its role in modern America moving forward:

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