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Catching Up With the Numbers

Touch the Soil News #964 (Feature photo – Urbanization – public domain)

Depending upon the source, the loss of farmland in the context of population growth is a scary proposition. Essentially the numbers are like this. Every hour, 50 acres of farmland are lost to urban development in the U.S. Every hour, the U.S. population grows by 240 people.

Estimates are that it takes 1 acre to produce the fruit, vegetables, grains and meat to sustain 1 person. In short, food security is heightened every day by 5,760 more people relying on the American farm which is shrinking by 1,200 acres the same day.

Over the course of a year, there are 2,070,000 more people relying on the American farm which shrunk by 438,000 acres. What’s next?

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