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Expert Compost Teas Made Easy

Compost Tea

Compost Tea’s work wonders in a garden by feeding the micro-biology “bugs” (Biological Under Ground System), in the soil for fast, healthy plant growth. We have been brewing and applying Compost Tea’s on 500k+ acres of Farm Land since 1974. 5000 Gallon batches at a time, we have a good idea on how to increase the micro-biology in the soil and brew a great Compost Tea. More micro-biology equals faster root development, which in return will result in faster plant development. After all, a plant cannot grow if the roots cannot sustain the growth. Lets discuss a few easy Compost Tea Recipe’s, we will be covering a Veg/Grow Compost Tea Recipe as well…

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How to Brew Compost Tea


Many have heard of the benefits of Compost Tea. You know it works, but why and how? We want to shed some light on this subject and explain a few key elements to brewing a good Compost Tea. The largest factor in the quality of your Compost Tea is, of course, your Compost. Where did it come from? How was processed? Great Compost should smell sweet, earthy and rich. Compost is a great tool if used properly(although it’s pretty hard to mess it up). Compost is full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals and when mixed with aerated water, active biology. Compost Tea Starter This Compost Tea Starter has added Mycorrhizae,…

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