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The Ownership Saga Behind Hostess Twinkies

Touch the Soil News #434 The saga of the “Hostess” twinkie rivets through almost 100 years of American food history. It reveals a world of turmoil, bankruptcy, takeovers and financial deal making. One must ask: Are the malfunctions of the industrial food chain a surface expression of an underlying “carnivorous” financial landscape? (Hostess Twinkies is a registered trademark of Hostess Brands) James A Dewar (1897-1985) invented the “Twinkie” in 1931 in Shiller Park, Illinois. He was an employee of the Continental Baking Company. In years past, estimates are that fans of twinkies were buying approximately 500 million twinkies a year (photo courtesy of Oak Park Historical Society). A Condensed Timeline…

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