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Cost of Food – Up

Touch the Soil News #815 (Feature photo – National Institutes of Health – public domain)

Each fall, the American Farm Bureau Federation publishes statistics on food price increases. For 2017, there have been several foods that have seen above average increases. Following is a list of the foods that have had big price increases over last year:


  1. Bacon is up 19 percent to $5.24 per pound
  2. Chicken breast is up 9 percent to $3.13 per pound
  3. Flour is up 7 percent to $2.37 per 5-pound bag
  4. Orange juice is up 6 percent to $3.46 per half-gallon
  5. Vegetable oil is up 5 percent to $2.52 for a 32 oz. bottle


Also reported is that bagged salad is down a large 16 percent to $2.41 per pound. On average, farmers receive about 15.6 cents of every food dollar – the rest goes to distribution, processing, transportation and retailing.

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