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Cultured Meat – Fighting for a Presence

Touch the Soil News #489

We have run a few stories in the past on cultured meat – meat artificially grown in lab conditions from animal tissue cultures. Early attempts were so expensive and far from commercialization. A hamburger under earlier technology could cost tens of thousands of dollars.

However, with statistics coming in every day about the overconsumption of Earth’s resources necessary to produce meat for everyone, the cultured meat paradigm continues to find interest.

Hitting the news recently is an Israeli company called SuperMeat. SuperMeat is in the process of attracting venture capital in order to continue research and work towards an economically viable process. SuperMeat feels it is in a race against time as they believe the first company that gets to market with cultured meat that is cost effective is going to change the world.

Professor Yaakov Nahmias (foreground) is the founder of SuperMeat and at the forefront of new developments in cultured meat (photo courtesy of SuperMeat).

SuperMeat founder Professor Yaakov ‘Koby’ Nahmias is an award-winning biomedical engineer and the founding director of the Alexander Grass Center for Bioengineering at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The Professor is quiet on just exactly what tissues or cells they are going to create cultured meat out of, since they feel they have a breakthrough relative to other cultured meat entrepreneurs.

SuperMeat has already put together a leadership team of 8 professionals and has entered the capital markets for an initial round of funding for $8.5 million.

SuperMeat is campaigning for talent and funds to continue the effort for 100 percent meat with no animal suffering. The company also boasts potential production processes that require 99 percent less land, 90 percent less water, emits 90 percent less greenhouse gases and will be cheaper than regular meat.

Following is a short video clip put out by SuperMeat.

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