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Day Zero – When the Water Shuts Off

Touch the Soil News #951 (Feature photo – Cape Town – CCA 2.0 Generic)

The connection to water is as close and personal as the connection to food. Their interrelation is permanent and fixed. As we speak, the world is watching what will happen in Cape Town, South Africa. Cape Town is running out of water and officials fear that Day Zero is on the horizon.

A metro area of 4 million people, the shortage of water is as real as it is serious. What little water is left in the water reservoirs is predicted to totally go dry on July 9th – 132 days from today.

What is ironic about Cape Town is that it is surrounded by water – ocean water that is. The area’s agricultural sector has just used up is allocation – no more for food crops.

The city is scrambling to complete desalination projects and groundwater wells. Unfortunately, of the seven (7) projects underway, six of them are behind schedule.

Unfortunately, there are a number of mega-cities in a similar situation as Cape Town. Their resources are thin and it wouldn’t take much to cause major shortages. Here is a list of those cities:

  1. Sao Paulo, Brazil – 22 million people
  2. Bangalore, India – 10.5 million people
  3. Beijing, China – 20 million people
  4. Cairo, Egypt – 20 million people
  5. Jakarta, Indonesia – 30 million people
  6. Moscow, Russia – 12 million people
  7. Istanbul, Turkey – 15 million people
  8. Mexico City, Mexico – 20 million people
  9. London, England – 14 million people
  10. Tokyo, Japan – 38 million people
  11. Miami, Florida – 6 million people

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