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Does Your City Have 38,000 Acres of Vegetables?

Touch the Soil News #594

Most community gardens and urban farms in America would be hard pressed to cultivate 1 acre of ground – particularly in the city. Even though estimates are that lawns take up about 40 million acres in the U.S., food production is simply not a high priority for urbanites.

But what if vegetables, fish and meat were a high priority? The old city of Saigon in Viet Nam – which changed its name back to Ho Chi Minh city – has embraced food production in a way the defies understanding in first-world nations.

The city of Ho Chi Minh, while it has much open space, has become a “global city” of 8.2 million people. The city’s food and agricultural production has reached an astonishing sales volume of $860 million, which is expected to grow by 6 percent in 2017 (photo: CC BY-SA 4.0).

The city has an agriculture department involved in the regulatory and economic aspects of food production and marketing. The thing to consider is that this kind of “food” economic activity is not from large industrial farms, but smaller high-tech enterprises.

Following are highlights of the city’s agricultural capacity:

  1. The city has 38,000 acres of vegetable under cultivation that produced 924 million pounds of fresh produce – an increase of 18 percent from the year before.
  2. The city has 360,000 pigs being farmed for meat.
  3. The city has 153,000 cows being farmed for dairy and meat.


Following is a short video clip of a tour to an organic farm in Ho Chi Minh:

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