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Earth Overshoot Day Is Coming

Touch the Soil News #433

With satellite technology and high-speed information, activists and scientists are sorting through tons of data to determine the Earth’s bio-capacity. Estimates now run that it would take 1.5 Earths to sustain present-day consumption patterns.

Out of this information the day is determined every year when the world “overshoots” its bio-capacity and runs on an ecological deficit the remainder of the year. That day for 2016 is August 8, 2016

Since agriculture is one of the largest drivers of bio-capacity use, the availability of farmland will no doubt be in public debates more often.

From August 8 through December 31 – 145 days – the world will be using resources that belong to the future and whose consumption is unsustainable.

In a related effort, individual nations have calculated when their ecological footprint exceeds their bio- capacity. Over 110 nations have calculated their “overshoot” day. The small city-nation of Singapore estimates it has exceeded its bio-capacity by January 2nd, Israel by January 25th. Following are dates when some of the largest nations exceed their bio-capacity:

Japan – March 7

U.K. – April 30

China – May 14

Germany – June 21

Mexico – June 28

India – June 30

U.S.A. – July 14

France – September 15


Following is an informative video on Earth’s bio capacity and how new environmental balance sheets will help governments decide what are the best options:

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