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Economic and Job Lockdowns Versus a Food Pandemic and a Global Recession

Economic and Job Lockdowns Versus a Food Pandemic and a Global Recession

Positive Future #757 (Feature photo – World Food Programme Seal –  Public Domain)

In a world of economic volatility, anything that increases that volatility will – as in decades past – unleash tremendous increases in risks to life. The World Food Programme – an arm of the United Nations – is on the pulse of how economic shutdowns are precipitating unprecedented starvation risks to vulnerable populations and economic uncertainty for most of the rest of the world.

World Food Programme Executive Director David Beasley warns that supply chain disruptions and shutdowns could create a spike in starvation deaths of 300,000 a day for several months. Recognition of the external consequences of the virus shutdowns around the globe is certainly indispensable to any positive future.

The following video is a must see from the director of the World Food Programme (WFP) The WFP currently has 100 million starving people awaiting the WFP jets and food trucks that keep them from dying of starvation. Of concern is that the recent economic lockdowns could push that number to 265 million almost immediately, unfolding the greatest humanitarian crisis in history. You can watch the video here:

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