Electrified Bikes – Get Attention from Governments Abroad

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Bicycling News just came out with an interesting perspective. Last December, the U.S. Presidential Administration did away with a small $20-month reimbursement for commuter cyclists.

It is interesting to note what other nations are doing – particularly with the promotion of electrified bikes:

  1. Sweden is reimbursing citizens who buy electric bikes for 25 percent of the purchase price. (Goal is to cut auto emissions).
  2. For a short time, France offered a $250 subsidy for e-bike purchases.
  3. Norway is offering cycling families a $1,200 subsidy for purchasing an electric cargo bike.
  4. The city of Paris is now offering hefty tax incentives – $495 for an electric bike purchase and up to $744 for an electric cargo bike.

You can read the full story here:



According to AAA, the average cost of owning a new car is approximately $8.500 a year. If you can make your car last longer or get by with one car instead of two, seems that an electric bike may make sense financially and environmentally.

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