Energy – Will Third World Nations Leap Frog over First World Nations?

Positive Future #338 (Feature photo – Countryside in Kenya – By Masai29 – Own work, Public Domain,

At first blush, wealthy first-world nations have such a tremendous head start in the fields of energy. However, first-world nations have a problem. They are over-consumed with making money regardless of the technology. Thousands of miles of power lines and polluting technologies fail at the first winds of a hurricane or other weather event.

Very poor African nations where half the people have no electricity, are starting to discover mini-solar systems. While they are a far cry from modern electrically outfitted homes, they are off the grid. Being off the grid is a dream of millions of people around the world in first-world countries.

You can read the full story here how Azuri Technologies and Unilever have created a business plan that works for the poor:

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