Executive & Investor Compensation in the Food Chain

Touch the Soil News #820 (Feature photo – F. Bowen – CCA SA 4.0 International)

Recently, Tyson Foods issued a press release that is worthy of noting. Tyson Foods is the world’s second largest meat processor just behind JBS SA. As we have mentioned in earlier stories, JBS SA is selling off assets to pay for its prolific use of bribing public officials. Tyson may soon be #1.

Tyson announced that in order to stay “financially fit” it must continue to streamline operations and, among other things, eliminate 450 more jobs. Over the past three years (2014, 2015, 2016), Tyson’s top five executives received total compensation of $105 million dollars – the equivalent of maintaining almost 2,300 hundred jobs at minimum wage. Over the same period of time, the company had to take $3.2 billion in cash out of the company for the benefit of stockholders – the equivalent of maintaining almost 72,000 minimum wage jobs.

Certainly, Tyson is but one Wall-Street player amongst hundreds of other large Wall-Street players. One wonders, what kinds of options the 450 people to be laid off have to stay “financially fit”? As important, what options do Tyson suppliers have to stay “financially fit”?

Tyson’s financial operations are certainly within the realm of the “norm” when it comes to business. But why is it that when the “business operations” of all companies are tallied, some 50 million Americans remain food insecure?

Following is a promotional video put together by Tyson. Does this video offer solutions to the pressing problems of the world today? This is not necessarily a criticism of Tyson, but simply a question if there is something beyond the current paradigm.

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