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Extreme Peppers

Extreme Peppers

This time of the year there isn’t a day that goes buy that we take at least one question asking, “how effective is your Extreme Blend?” We thought we would give an example on some starts we are working on.

In the picture below, the Bell Pepper plant on the left has been feed Extreme Blend, on the right an everyday fertilizer. As you can see, Extreme Blend sure does the trick. Our Extreme Blend consists of Soluble Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid, Seaweed and Amino Acids! The Humic Acid helps to improve plant health, binding to nutrient and water, aiding in their uptake. The Fulvic Acid helps nutrients and water permeate through the plant, It can balance and energize cell life and biological properties it comes into contact.

 Extreme Peppers

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  1. My brothers and i love to fish! And grow peppers, banana trees)! What do u believe is beneficial for our banana trees thank you a friend

    1. We have plenty of experience growing Banana Tree’s. We were able to grow them in Idaho and Wyoming greenhouses. Contact us at 208-346-7194 and we will gladly help.

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