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Far Reaching Concepts

Touch the Soil News #670 (photos courtesy of Sasaki)

International architecture firm Sasaki, with offices in Boston, Massachusetts and Shanghai, China is looking to re-invent food and cities in a big way.

The firm just unveiled plans for a 250 acre urban farm to be integrated into the city of Shanghai, China. Shanghai is the world’s largest metropolitan area of over 35 million people. This urban farm is intended to integrate the latest vertical and urban farming technologies. There will be algae farms, floating greenhouses, vertical walls and seed libraries. Farming models will include hydroponics and aquaponics (includes fish).

The project, when completed, is intended to produce enough food for 25 million people. This represents a dramatic departure from historical farming models that require about 1 acre of land to produce the food for one person consuming the standard American diet. This said, the new project would shrink the amount of land needed to produce food by 100,000 fold. The overall plan is to integrate urban sustainable agriculture as a key component for urban growth.

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