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Farming in the Kitchen

Touch the Soil News #763 (photo courtesy of GrowChef)

Across the Atlantic in Eastern Europe is the small nation of Estonia. It’s about twice the size of Vermont with only 1.3 million people. A small group of entrepreneurs from Estonia want to change how food at home works. Called the GrowChef, their invention is designed to let you harvest a modest plant of lettuce every day.

Through a combination of automatic internal water and nutrient distribution, led grow lights and 51 slots to grow produce you can do it all in a very small footprint. User receive can order small “plugs” that contain the seeds of the greens you want (looks like an oversized Kuerig container).

GrowChef is trying to raise funds on Kickstarter and have raised $25,800 of their $28,900 goal. The cost of a GrowChef is around U.S. $225 and the company plans to start shipping anywhere in the world in early 2018.

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