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Feeding the Animals that Provide Protein – What is the Message?

Touch the Soil News #977 (Feature photo – Livestock Feedlot – public domain)

The pursuit of protein to sustain humans is devouring the planet so to speak. Should we digress to eating insects from factory farms? Should we pursue the remanufacturing of plants into products that look like meat?

Interestingly, whether it is deliberate, subconscious or just by accident, the world’s women are trending to smaller families – an act that has already saved billions of people from a life of starvation and want. According to the United Nations, the world’s women were having an average of 4.95 children during their lifetimes during the period 1950 to 1955. For the time period 2010 to 2015, the world’s women were having an average 2.36 children during their lifetimes. Is the world – subconsciously – embracing smaller families as a solution to shortages?

Regardless of the approach, the Earth is groaning. Phil Lempert in his recent video tackles the problem, much of which leads us to what we feed the animals from which we derive protein.

What do you think the answer is?

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