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First Lady Michelle Obama – Schools Should Teach Children How to Raise, Harvest and Prepare Their Own Food

Touch the Soil News #324

Upon arriving at the White House (seven years ago), first lady Michelle Obama took healthy eating into her own hands and established a kitchen garden on the White House Lawn. In addition to sourcing food from the garden, it has become a public learning place for children. The education is about food from seed to plate.

First Lady Michelle Obama and chef Sam Kass plant the White House kitchen garden with the help of Bancroft Elementary School fifth graders in 2009 (Photo courtesy of the White House)

Today, the White House Kitchen Garden is open for tours to community groups and schools. A maximum group of 25 is allowed and tours are typically held on weekday mornings. The following link gets you to a place to sign up:

Last week Michelle Obama made surprise visits to local schools who had on-hands programs teaching children to plant, tend, harvest, prepare and eat fresh foods. As part of her plans this year, Michelle plans to visit a number of gardens at schools which were inspired by the White House starting its kitchen garden seven years ago. Following is a short video clip of Michelle’s first visits to school gardens:

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