Foliar Sprays

Should I Foliar Spray?

Plants take up nutrients through the root system to sustain plant life and develop foliage, but did you know that your nutrients, when applied as a foliar spray are 8 to 20 times more effective? This means your plants use more nutrients, grow faster and develop more fruits and flowers and you get to save money not buying so many nutrients. For best results foliar spray weekly through the entire grow and bloom stages.

How do I Foliar Spray?

A foliar spray is simply a nutrient solution that you are applying to the foliage instead of the root system. Think of it as morning dew in nature. Plants love it, respond almost instantly, and you see amazing growth from them. Make sure to spray the top and the bottom of the leaves until the point of run-off. If the beads of water are dripping off the edge of your plants leaf, you have successfully foliar sprayed. Congratulations.

What is a Foliar Spray

A foliar spray is simple a technique of applying nutrients on the foliage of a plant to increase nutrient uptake and usage. This technique allows the plant to absorb nutrients through the leaves’ stomata and epidermis.

Foliar Sprays are especially effective when feeding mobile nutrients, which the plant can easily translocate to an area of deficiency. A change in the plants’ “body language” can often times be witnessed only a few hours after applying Extreme Blend as a foliar spray.


Time to Foliar Feed

Foliar feed early in the day or in the evening, when the sun is weaker. In an indoor environment, foliar spray when the lights are off. As water droplets form on your leaves and are exposed to lights/sun, it can act like a magnifying glass. This magnifying effect has the potential to burn your plants. Make sure to cut the lights or foliar feed as early or as late in the day as you can.


Use a surfactant. Surfactants reduce the surface tension of the water, spreading it over the leaf surface. In basic terms, more uniform and even coverage of the beads of water on the leaf. More surface area = more absorption. Yucca makes a great organic surfactant. Include Yucca with every foliar spray and root drench application.

Where do I Spray?

Hit everything- top and bottom. Remember, stomata are on the undersides of the leaves. Spraying the underside of your leaves during a foliar application, will certainly increase nutrient uptake and allow the plant to utilize more of the nutrient. Don’t forget to spray the tops and bottoms of the leaves for maximum absorption.

Extreme Blend 2

Extreme Blend:

We have seen amazing results using our Extreme Blend as a foliar spray. Your plants grow like never before, as it is getting a plant based nitrogen source it is not familiar with. All of the ingredients you currently feed with are enhanced when using Extreme Blend.

This blend is nothing short of amazing and is the best all around fertilizer I have found to date.

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Foliar Sprays Products

– Enhance plant development during Grow and Bloom stages. Easy application with fantastic results. A Foliar Spray will take your garden to the next level, by providing nutrients in ways your plant has never seen.

Foliar Sprays will help the plan absorb more nutrients, this increases the risk for potential burn to your plants. Remember, it is always better to foliar feed, a very little amount on a regular basis, rather than trying to feed a heavy dose all at one time. Morning dew on the plant is not a strong nutrient solution, but it happens everyday. Light doses frequently get best results when foliar spraying.

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