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Touch the Soil News #899 (Feature photo – Southern California Cityscape – CCA 2.5 Generic)

The arena of food is more than just about organics, production, investment and economics. In the arena of food, the greatest shortcoming in modern economics emerges prolifically. The greatest shortcoming in modern economics is that the overwhelming majority of people have only one route to buying food – they must find a way to translate their work and work ethic into dollars.

The non-profit Seedstock recently published a list of 16 Southern California organizations that in one way or another try to wrestle with problems that arise when dollars are not there to engage labor. Many of the approaches seek to make dollars go further by engaging those in need more directly (not via dollars) in the road to food access.

The list has a brief description of the helping organization with a link to their website – it is an education in and of itself as to how the nation is trying to reconfigure itself. The Southern California region (10 counties) is home to some 22 million people. You can access the full list here:

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