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Food Prices – Another Global Food Tremor Underway

Touch the Soil News #1719  (Feature Photo – Food – Public Domain) 

While it is true that Agriculture has been exempted from most economic lockdowns, in theory there are problems. Community gardens have been shut down and shipping ports have been constricted in the trade of food.

However, it is not just the production of food that is important. People must have purchasing power and purchasing power comes from access to work – one of the first casualties of this year. But now, the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), in its most recent release of the Food Price Index, reveals another problem: food affordability. In the months of June through October (5 months), global food prices have increase almost 11%. Lack of access to adequate nutrition (because of its affordability) is one of the greatest threats to health and life in the world today. You can read the latest report here:

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