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Food to Stay Alive

Touch the Soil News #696

There are almost 1 billion people (923 million to be exact) that are hungry every day. They experience things like early death (21,000 die each day), wasting away (affects 51 million children), stunted growth (affects 161 million children).

The problem of food is not just having it to eat. Lack of quality and lack of access to quality food contribute to virtually every major disease. The World Health organization reports that the following diseases are in part related to lack of adequate nutrition: Obesity, Diabetes, Cardiovascular diseases, Cancer, Osteoporosis and Dental diseases.

Seems access to healthy food could well be the No.1 problem the nation and the world faces. There is hardly a day that passes that doesn’t produce a story about how the world is going to feed 9.5 billion people by 2050 (today the world has 7.4 billion people). How much value is there in speculating how the world is going to successfully feed 9.5 billion people 33 years from now? Should the focus be more on how to get to zero hunger and malnutrition today?

There is more to solving hunger and health than just food. The financial mechanisms simply do not exist to give all people the purchasing power needed to access healthy food. Is it too unconventional to consider that if finances can’t make it all work, direct access to land, water, seeds and knowledge of food growing should be pursued? There is yet another dimension to hunger – war and conflict. Some feel that feeding the world cannot happen until the world stops fighting?

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