Ford’s Money Trail – a Hint of More to Come?

Positive Future #52 (Feature photo – Bill Ford, Chairman of Ford and great grandson of Ford Founder Henry Ford – CCA SA 2.0 Generic)

Ford made news recently when Ford Chairman – Bill Ford – announced the company was planning to spend $11 billion over the next 4 years on electrifying its powertrains and cars. Ford plans to have 24 hybrid electrics and 16 fully electric cars by 2022.

Ford is not the only automaker in the race to electric. General Motors plans to have some 20 electrified vehicles roll out over the next five years.

So why are automakers spending $ billions in research and development that will obsolete internal combustion engines? Following is a list of nations that are in various stages of planning and/or execution of eliminating gas and diesel vehicles: France, United Kingdom, Norway, Netherlands, Germany, the state of California, China and India.

So what makes the thinking of these nations important? Could it be because they represent 3 billion people – forty percent of the world’s population? They also represent the largest market share of cars sold in the world.

No doubt, heavy competition from Tesla for market share and success in the luxury market has automakers scrambling to catch up.

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