Get More out of Your Soil

Healthy Soil

As input costs rise and land values soar, “We have to get more out of our ground every day. Biological farming does that. Healthy soils producing excellent yields and quality are the
benefits from the biological farming practices. “Soil health is the capacity of a soil to function.”

Over 95% of all the N in the soil is in the form of organic nitrogen, meaning it’s either in the bodies of organisms, or tied to their waste products or breakdown products like amino acids or amino sugars.

Our Organic Nitrogen product Seen Here is a great organic solution to nitrogen deficiencies. Healthy soils high in organic matter and microbiological activity not only fix more atmospheric nitrogen, they
also convert more organic N to mineral N: the form that plants can take up.


Healthy Soil

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1 thought on “Get More out of Your Soil

  1. This is a superb product for organic straw bale gardening. Most straw bale gardeners use super phosphates to ready the bale for planting (10-12 day process). Until now there really weren’t any high nitrogen organic products, and certainly not any vegan ones that were available – compost was really the only option – which could be iffy in terms of generating enough heat to successfully start the bale composting. Really excited to be able to use this product as I am a veganic organic gardener.

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