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Going the extra mile: Foliar Feeding

Foilar Spray Starter Pack

Foliar SprayMany growers contact us looking for a way to increase yield and quality. If you’re using a nutrient blend you feel comfortable with, and are having good results, foliar feeding will take you to the next level.

This technique allows the plant to absorb nutrients through the leaves’ stomata and epidermis. It’s especially effective when feeding mobile nutrients, which the plant can easily translocate to an area of deficiency.

A change in the plants’ “body language” can often times be witnessed only a few hours later. Here are a few tips to make sure your feedings are as beneficial as possible.

  1. Feed early in the day or in the evening, when the sun is weaker. This will keep the sun from burning the leaves, as water droplets can act like a magnifying glass. Stomata are more likely to be open during these times as well.
  2. Use a surfactant. Surfactants reduce the surface tension of the water, spreading it over the leaf surface. More surface area = more absorbtion. Yucca is an awesome organic surfactant.
  3. Hit everything- remember, stomata are on the undersides of the leaves. Don’t forget to spray the tops and bottoms of the leaves for maximum absorption.

Check out our Foliar Spray Starter Packs in 2 different sizes. Includes Extreme Blend, Kelp and Humic Blend, Yucca, and Soluble Molasses.

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3 thoughts on “Going the extra mile: Foliar Feeding

  1. Foliar Feeding should go to when?

    1. The plant you are growing, and the foliar feed(nutrients) you are using, will determine the appropriate time of the life cycle to stop foliar feeding. Compost teas are never bad to foliar regardless of Grow or Bloom.

  2. Check and adjust PH in your container before and after adding the proper nutrients. In the morning and early evening, the underside of your plant leaves will open up the Stomata to take up the Foliar Spray. Make sure you spray the top of the leaves and by all means the bottom. Use a wetting agent added to your spray bottle. This is the most precise way to take your plants to another level! Proper PH applied water by Foliar feeding is the most benefical way to apply nutrients. Many plants have different PH needs. Get a book with lists of plants PH requirements And include your plants and adjust the PH level correctly for all of your plants. Enjoy, Joseph

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