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Goodby Gas Cars – Unrelated to Food Directly, but Related Indirectly

Touch the Soil News #744 (feature photo CC SA 3.0 Unported – Salvatore Amone)

Attitudes and economics of food are changing rapidly. While investors have poured billions of dollars into developing and owing “brand” names in manufacture foods, those brands are losing ground to captive brands at stores like Costco and Winco. The world of meat is undergoing serious questioning and the recent prompt by the American Medical Association to pitch processed meats may just be the beginning. Chemical agriculture – even at a time when investors are pouring billions of dollars into the realm – is a target for extinction that is growing in the consumer mind.

So let’s hop over a few tracks to see how changes in attitude are working in other arenas – gas cars for example. Making news is that environmental ministers of the nations of France, Norway, Netherlands and India are already talking about eliminating the sale of internal combustion engines (these nations represent almost 20 percent of the world’s population).

The environmental minister of France (Nicolas Hulot) has plans to end the sale of diesel and petrol vehicles by 2040. Following are some other interesting tidbits about the end of fossil fuel cars:

  1. Norway plans to have its roads totally populated by plug-in cars by 2025.
  2. France will stop issuing new oil and gas exploration permits this year and end use of coal for electricity by 2022.
  3. A European Union Commission report is encouraging the European Union to adopt a plan that will completely phase out gasoline and diesel powered cars in cities by 2050.
  4. In May of 2015, the world bought 38,787 plug-in cars. In May of 2016, the world bought 56,177 plug-in cars. In May of 2017, the world bought 90,157 plug-in cars. The world is on track to buy over 1 million plug-in cars in 2017.
  5. Volvo just announced all of its cars will, by 2019, be a plug-in of some version.

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