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Grasshopper Farming

Touch the Soil News #755 (feature photo – Charles J. Sharp – CC. SA. 3.0)

Israeli start-up Hargol Food Tech is making the news (see video below). The company just received $600,000 of funding to take grasshopper farming to the next level.

We’ve all heard about cricket farming, as the cricket is easier to incubate and grows rapidly. Hargol Food Tech says they have been able to shorten the incubation time of grasshopper.

According to AgFunder News, Hargol Food Tech has been able to optimize temperature, light, humidity and ventilation to shorten incubation time for grasshopper eggs from 40 weeks to 2-4 weeks and increase the number of life cycles from one per year to 10 per year.

Hargol claims that grasshoppers are 72 percent protein, have all essential amino acids and not saturated fat or cholesterol. In addition, the grasshopper is the most widely eaten insect in the world, has a neutral taste and flavor and requires minimal processing.

Hargol Food Tech is focusing on the U.S. and says they already have orders here. Hargol says they even have an expression of interest from Whole Foods.

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