Grow and Bloom Packs

Grow and Bloom Packs?

Our Grow and Bloom Packs make it easy for any level of gardener to find success. A premixed, all-in-one Grow Pack and  Bloom Pack formula, which contains element needed for explosive plant growth and production.  All of our Grow and Bloom Packs are unique and sophisticated blends of bio-stimulants, carbohydrates, nitrogens, phosphates, potassium and trace minerals, among other items. Test them side by side your nutrient line and experience the difference in size, taste and aroma.

Are they Organic?

We have very strict standards for organic qualifications and certification. We do not use the word, organic, lightly. With that being said, our Grow and Bloom Packs are comprised of approximately  85% organic material and 15% synthetic material. It is the combination of organic and synthetic nutrients that ensures explosive growth and heavy harvests for your garden. Most nutrient lines on the market today consist of over 80% synthetic material and less than 20% organic material.

Are Grow and Bloom Packs all I need?

For best results, we do recommend that you supplement our Grow and Bloom Packs with Cal Mag Plus, during the grow and bloom phase. Calcium and Magnesium are essential for plant development and required during any Grow or Bloom phase.

Mycorrhizae and Extreme Blend are two products we recommend additional supplementation with our Grow and Bloom Packs.

We do incorporate both Mycorrhizae and Extreme Blend into our Nutrient Packs, but as the plants fruit and flower production ultimately depends on the roots, we always supplement with more if we have the ability to do so and both products promote and enhance root development.

Add a Foliar Spray

When using Grow and Bloom Packs, try using Extreme Blend as a foliar spray which will help trigger monster growth in your plants.

Nutrients and plant supplements, like Extreme Blend, when applied as a foliar spray are 8 to 20 times more effective.

Don’t forget to spray the tops and bottoms of the leaves for maximum absorption.

Bloom Pack

Bloom Pack:

Helps stimulate fruit and flower development in all stages of bloom, for an increase in the size and mass of flowers/fruits.

Whether you are in Early Bloom, Mid Bloom or Late Bloom, for best results use all of our Bloom Packs in conjunction with our Cal Mag Plus during your bloom cycle regimen.

“I have used house and garden for years. I changed to the early, mid, and late bloom products and have loved the results.”


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Premium Ingredients

Each ingredients in our Grow and Bloom Packs reflect the same high standards of product-sourcing and formulation, that define our other products. High quality ingredients producing outstanding results.

Guaranteed Results

Grow and Bloom Packs has been formulated, tested and proven to increase fruit and flower production, by up to 90%. All the elements your plants need and it’s all backed by our 100% Buyer Protection Guarantee.

All of our Grow and Bloom Packs can be supplemented with additional products for even more plant growth and production, or brewed in a compost tea, or used by itself, an all alone and perform nutrient. The choice and freedom is now yours. You decide.

When using our Bloom Packs, ensure you are also supplementing with Cal Mag Plus during the bloom phase to maximize your results.


Bud Hardener

Bud Hardener

Extreme Blend 3

Extreme Blend


Cal Mag Plus

Mycorrhizae and Trichoderma

Mycorrhizae + Trichoderma

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