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What is Nitrogen

Nitrogen is known as a macro or required nutrient. Nitrogen stimulates your plant to photosynthesize more efficiently and will produce a deep green among the foliage in your garden. Perfect for Veg.

When to use it?

Nitrogen is ideal in the vegetative stage, and based on the type of nitrogen your using it can alter stem growth, leaf growth, or both. What type of growth are you looking for?

Which Nitrogen is best?

Nitrogen is the where the green in your garden comes from. Each form of nitrogen will supply and enhance a particular part of growth for your plant. Supplement with a Nitrate nitrogen and this will enhance overall growth but also promote vigorous stem growth. One downfall to Nitrates, are application restrictions. DO NOT foliar feed nitrate nitrogen. Must be applied to the roots for absorption purposes.

Plant based nitrogen, like what’s in our Grow Pack, does not have the same application restrictions like a nitrates. Plants respond great to applications through the roots and as a foliar spray, making Grow Pack a versatile and effective product.


Nitrate Nitrogen

Nitrate nitrogen is most common among nutrient manufacturers compared to other forms of nitrogen.

Although the plant responds positively to this form, it promotes mainly stem growth, is mainly synthetic and cannot be absorbed by the foliage. Use in conjunction with other forms of nitrogen for best plant results.

Ammoniacal Nitrogen

Ammoniacal nitrogen is ammonia based nitrogen. Plants respond great to this form of nitrogen, as it is quickly absorbed using both the foliage or the roots.

Works best when paired with plant based nitrogen. Will help produce a luscious, deep green to your garden. Many lawn fertilizers are manufactured with this type of nitrogen.

Plant Based Nitrogen

Kelp4less has pioneered the plant based nitrogen industry, discovering plants respond best to this form of nitrogen as they can easily recognize and relate to plant material.

Making it very easy for them to breakdown and consume the nutrition, ensures all your nutrients are properly absorbed.

Grow Pack

Grow Pack:

Grow Pack has all 3 nitrogen forms listed above, also contains highly pure minerals and natural additives that combine the benefits of both organic and conventional nutrients for the Growth/Vegetative stage. Plant growth like you have never seen before. The right nutrients at the right time using only one product.

“I get better yields and this product is much much cheaper. Best switch I have made in my gardening.”

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Nitrogen Rich Fertilizers and Nutrients

– Specifically designed to assist any level of gardener with their nitrogen needs. Using these and other products in our Grow Veg category you can brew a nitrogen rich tea, enhance your soil with nitrogen rich soil conditioners or stimulate plant growth and vigor using a plant based nitrogen as a foliar spray.

Nitrogen is very accessible to the plant, regardless of which form you choose to use, which gives it the highest potential for burn, compared to any other nutrient. Use best practices, when combining different forms of nitrogen in your feeding regimen,

Nitrate Nitrogen Example

Calcium Nitrate

Calcium Nitrate

Ammoniacal Nitrogen Example

Ammonium Sulfate

Ammonium Sulfate

Plant Based Nitrogen Example

Amino Acids

Amino Acids

Use a variety of nitrogen forms to feed your plants. Variety is the spice of life. Your plants feel the same way.

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