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Grow your own produce

Organic Gardening

Imagine going out and picking dozens of different kinds of vegetables that grow with very little maintenance. Or envision a small plot ofrich soil that feeds your family with less than an hour of labor per dayusing less time and energy than many Americans waste on maintaining cosmetic lawns. Imagine hundreds of pounds of different fruits coming from trees in your backyard. It can be done but you will need to learn some of the basics.


Here at we can provide essential and organic products to help your garden grow.

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Here are a few step to get you started:

  1. Stop applying all pesticides, fungicides, weed killers and sprays in and around your entire garden. No exceptions.
  2. Start small, 25 square feet for example. Find the spot that ideally has sun all year in your yard. If it’s shaded part of the year, that’s OK too.
  3. Cover your gardening area with organic material such as leaves, dried grass and fine plant material from your own or other’s non-pesticide sprayed gardens.
  4. Keep the soil damp like a wrung out sponge, not soggy. Once again, you need air in the soil for life.
  5. Obtain vegetables in 4″ square pots, a common size, or get plants from friends. Dig a hole slightly larger than the rootball, squeeze the sides of the pot to unstick the plant, moisten the rootball, fluff it’s roots sideways and plant it.
  6. Start your own compost heap in a corner of the garden. Skip the gimmicks, tumblers, boxes and devices. Just heap up all the clean organic material that you can get and mix it up occasionally, keeping it as moist as a wrung out sponge. Apply the compost periodically to the soil around your plants as a light dusting or use it to start your own seeds in a 50/50 mix of native soil and compost.
  7. Use our Potting Mix for faster easier results.

Organic Gardening

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