Beets are very easy to produce if you have the right nutrients provided at the right time. Think of it this way, does a growing child perform well with a healthy diet and exercise. Light and photosynthesis are the exercise for the plant and we will walk you through the nutrients.


Beets DO NOT fruit or flower during the growing season, which makes the fertilization process very easy by supplementing/amending the soil before planting.

When growing beets the goal is not to produce vegetation but to increase bulb size. Lets discuss a couple ways to accomplish this task when using our nutrients.

Roots in 4 Days!!!

Stimulates aggressive root branching, development of fine root hairs that increase nutrient uptake and grow healthier, whiter roots. Also containing a wide variety of endo and ecto mycorrhizae fungi that ensures explosive root growth. Roots in 4 days!!


The nutrients a beet plant needs can be supplemented by amending the soil with our Soil Cut Starter Pack. The Soil Cut is a blend of 14 of our soil amendments and enhancers known to produce large bulbs on beets. Below are a few recipes and mixing rates known and proven to produce large beets.


Apply Soil Cut Starter Pack at 5LB per 500 Sq. Ft.

Till into the soil thoroughly and plant. This will provide slow release nutrition to your plants during the entire growing period.


Apply Soil Cut Starter Pack at 5LB per 500 Sq. Ft.

Supplement with Bloom Pack weekly, used at 1/2 TSP Per Gal
Supplement with Cal Mag weekly, used at 1/4 TSP Per Gal

Soil Cut Starter Pack

Incorporate all of our popular meal fertilizers, soil conditioners and soil enhancers into one cost effective blend. Everything you need to grow like a pro, and designed to reward you with successful, heavy harvests.


Bloom Pack:

Helps stimulate fruit and flower development in all stages of bloom, for an increase in the size and mass of flowers/fruits.

Whether you are in Early Bloom, Mid Bloom or Late Bloom, for best results use all of our Bloom Packs in conjunction with our Cal Mag Plus during your bloom cycle regimen.

“I have used house and garden for years. I changed to the early, mid, and late bloom products and have loved the results.”

Try Bloom Pack

Why do we recommend the Bloom Pack for beets? You are able to combine all the essential and supplemental nutrients your beets need with one simple nutrient application, applied weekly.

What other products are good for your blooming plants? You can browse all of our bloom enhancers.


During the grow process for a beet plant is the best time to foliar spray. A foliar spray is applying nutrients to your leaves and stems by spraying your plant instead of root drenching to apply nutrients.

Foliar sprays are 8-20 times more effective when applying nutrients. You can choose what product you want to foliar spray. Some great foliar spray products are listed below. Our most popular foliar spray is Extreme Blend.